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Patio Furniture Should Allow Consumers to Plug in Their Individuality

For centuries, furniture and fashion have gone hand in hand. Being in the patio furniture for the 50+ years, we’ve worked with a myriad of high profile fashion names. While we admirer many designers, no one impresses us as much as Ralph Lauren.

What began in 1968 as a menswear line quickly grew to include tailored shirts for women. Today, Ralph Lauren’s products not only encompass clothing, but apparel, home accessories and fragrances. One of our favorite quotes from Ralph Lauren is “Fashion is about establishing an image that consumers can adapt to their own individuality.”


We at Amalfi Living couldn’t agree more. In fact, we get excited when clients from all backgrounds contact us about integrating our luxury patio furniture into their designs. When you give clients a quality product with the ability to cover cushions in any fabric and countless frame finishes, the possibilities become endless. Each individual is allowed to pour a little bit of themselves on what we consider to be, a blank furniture canvas. Furthermore, all of our furniture is made by hand, one piece at time, so customization is effortless!

Below we’d like to pay homage to Ralph Lauren and show how flexible the Amalfi Collection compliments his many aesthetics! All Ralph Lauren images are credited to @RalphLauren.








The above images feature:  Amalfi Adjustable Chain Back Sofa, Amalfi Tuxedo SofaOccasional Round Back Chairs, Amalfi Chaise Lounge, Amalfi Wide Chaise Lounge, Amalfi Woven Side Table, Amalfi Woven Coffee Table, Amalfi Adjustable Chain Back Lounge Chair.



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