Sofia Vergara’s Patio Furniture is the Amalfi Collection

In case you missed the March 2024 issue of Architectural Digest, which showcased Sofia Vergara’s ethereal and inviting home, allow us to share.

Between the pages we noticed breathtaking work from a variety of designers whose talents know no bounds: Timothy Corrigan, ODG Interiors, Inner Gardens & Hoffman & Ospina. Of course, we instantly fell in love when we saw the Amalfi Collection so perfectly placed around the pool and the outdoor dining space. Such a touch of elegance in a warm, grounded and inviting setting.

Remember, the “ORIGINAL” Amalfi Collection is made right here in the USA. That means we can customize the size and shape of any of our pieces without affecting our short turn-around times. The following pieces from the Amalfi Collection are seen in her gorgeous outdoor oasis.


  • Amalfi Side Dining Chair & Amalfi Host Chairs

odg-interiors-timothy-corrigan-photo-Anita Calero-amalfi-collection-outdoor-dining


The “ORIGINAL” Amalfi Side Chair & Host Chairs offer ideal seating for dining. Each outdoor side chair and  host chair is designed for outdoor use.  These luxurious dining chairs boast deep cushions for ultimate comfort and finials for an extra touch of sophistication. Crafted by hand with refined lines, they showcase a striking square pattern on the seat and back, creating a stylish contrast with the cushions.



  • Amalfi Chaise Lounge Chairs

The Amalfi Chaise Lounge stands out as a top seller. Offering deep cushions for optimal comfort and finials for an extra touch of grace, this outdoor chaise lounge is crafted with precision, boasting sleek lines and a striking square pattern on the seat and back to complement the cushions. With rear leg wheels for easy mobility, this piece ensures convenience.

Recognized as one of Janus et Cie’s leading collections for over a decade, you may already be acquainted with our collection. However, since Amalfi Living is the “ORIGINAL” manufacturer of the Amalfi Collection, we create a better quality product and in a timelier fashion. Based right here in the USA, our Master Craftsmen still make each piece of furniture by hand from solid steel. That allows us to customize each piece to fit your client’s design needs and turn it around rather quickly!


So, remember the “ORIGINAL” Amalfi Collection the next time you’re considering luxurious outdoor patio furniture for an outdoor oasis!

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